• Software architecture

  • Distributed computing, network services

  • Low-level performance debugging

  • Information security



  • MSU CMC, Cybersecurity Lab

    • Developer (2015–2019)

  • SolidSoft

    • Developer (2016–2018ish)

    • Lead Developer (2018ish–present)

    Started with investigating and fixing performance issues in Python web application firewall (WAF). Currently leading the rewrite of said WAF from Python to Go (already in production).

    Also working on the core of a web application vulnerability scanner (job management, data storage, etc) and delevoped a couple of its components (e.g. web crawler).


  • Player (2014)

  • Captain (2015–present)

The team participated in numerous Russian and international CTF competitions (information security). Highlights include 1st place in HITB PRO CTF (2019, 2021) in Abu Dhabi; finalist of DEF CON CTF in Las Vegas (2017, 2015), etc.


Programming languages:
  • Go, Python (proficient)

  • Rust (actively learning)

  • C, C++ (average)

  • JavaScript, Bash, Lua, etc. (occasionally)

Databases, etc.:
  • PostgreSQL, SQLite

  • Redis, RabbitMQ (some familiarity)

  • MinIO (some familiarity)

Operating systems:
  • Gentoo Linux (daily driver)

  • Debian, Ubuntu (server administration)

Development, deployment:
  • Git; GitLab, Gitea, GitHub

  • Continuous integration: GitLab CI, Drone

  • Docker

  • Systemd services

  • Ansible (some familiarity)

  • Debian packaging (some familiarity)

  • Linux networking:

    • High-level protocols (DNS, HTTP, TLS, etc.)

    • Ethernet, IPv4/IPv6, routing, TCP/UDP, WireGuard, etc.

    • iptables , nftables

    • Sockets API, BPF/eBPF

  • Linux performance and debugging tools:

    • perf, BCC, bpftrace, FlameGraph

    • strace, ltrace

  • Reverse engineering:

    • IDA Pro

Natural languages:
  • Russian (native)

  • English (written: good, spoken: average)

  • Japanese (upper beginner)